A.R.T. Aviation Services Corporation

            Airborne Natural Gas Leak Detection



Natural gas usage in the U.S. will be increasing for many years to come. In the shale areas many companies have arrived and the gas business is here to stay. The big challenge is that it must be able to coexist with the existing population. Timely detection of methane gas leaks in the urban and rural areas is critical to ensure safety and meet the EPA’s proposed rules for mandatory greenhouse gas reporting.

A.R.T. Aviation Services Corporation together with Pergam Technical Services, the world’s leader in gas leak detection technology will be able to employ a best practice solution by using an Airborne Laser Methane Assessment (ALMA) System to meet the needs of that challenge.

We want the gas well surface sites and pipelines to coexist with the communities knowing that safety is the highest concern. We want everyone to be successful in this endeavor and are committed to helping with the latest high tech solutions.

 Gas Well in Urban Area